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So, how’s it been going?

June 8, 2010

That’s been one of the FAQ’s we’ve been hearing from friends for the past few days since we launched SaveTheCelebration.Org.

During the past week, our humble little SaveTheCelebration.Org blog has 497 visitors. That’s in addition to the 125 visitors it had the week before. The STC Facebook page had more than 300 visitors last week.  Our Twitter account could use some followers. There are seven so far – including myself, my wife and Michael Byrne, who is very much an insider in the effort to save Montclair’s 4th of July/Independence Day celebration.

In terms of dollars, this effort has raised $200, according to Pat Brechka, the township’s director of Recreation and Cultural Affairs. We urge everyone that has had the inclination to make a donation to write a check, drop it in a stamped  envelope and send it to the address to the right of this post (as 20th Century as it may be.)

On the flip side, another FAQ we’ve been hearing is “How can I help?” That is very encouraging and gives us reason to believe the best is yet to come.  Last week, we raised awareness. Hopefully, we’ll raise action next.

Remember, it’s not only how much we raise, but when we raise it!

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