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Check Out What’s At The Kings Supermarket Check Out!

June 12, 2010

What can you get at the Upper Montclair Kings Supermarket that you can’t get anywhere else? A chance to donate $4 to save the Montclair Independence Day Celebration. Thanks to the sponsorship seeking efforts of the Township of Montclair’s Eileen Sheehan and the creative abilities of Tom Drymalski and Kristina Banzon Drymalski, Kings shoppers are now seeing striking flyers at the check out counters announcing the opportunity to make a donation. Cashiers are asking customers if they’d like to donate $4 for the fourth. (I know. The parade and picnic will be on the 5th of July this year. But this way, cashiers get to say a catchy phrase. “Would you like to donate $4 for the Fourth?”)

Big spender that I am, I donated $8 – that’s $4 for each daughter who was tagging along with me today. The cashier handed us “I helped save the celebration” booster cards.  All booster cards will be displayed in the store so we can see who is helping Save The Celebration!!

So whether it’s weekend shopping or that mid-week gallon of milk, let’s make our way to Kings Supermarket on Valley Road in Upper Montclair!

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