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Rockets Red Glare Over The People of Montclair!

July 5, 2010

Montclair’s Independence Day celebration kicked off last night with the fireworks display that wasn’t supposed to happen this year. It was a proud Montclair moment as Montclair resident Timothy Barr stood in the infield of the stadium named after Montclair’s Yogi Berra on Montclair State University’s campus and welcomed the standing room only crowd  to the community’s 60th annual July 4th fireworks display. Despite a cold, and sometimes stinging, reality of an austere budgetary year, the Montclair community had a blast on a hot summer night through their perserverance, ingenuity, togetherness, pragmatism and patriotism. To lay the groundwork for next year’s celebration, Montclair Councilors Kathryn Weller-Demming and Renee Baskerville sold American flags with Tim Barr at the stadium’s entrance to raise funds for July 4th 2011. Sure, there was a traffic jam on the way home. But it didn’t diminish the pride of Montclair on the proudest day in the USA.

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